WELCOME TO MY SKETCHBOOK PAGE!!  On this page you can see many sketches in their early development stage.  Also there are some clean up sketches and final color drawings of many of your favorite EOAC characters and sketches from Hanna Barbera, Disney, Warner Bros. and more!!  We hope you will enjoy them!!  God bless.

All sketches on this page are done by Bro. Brent Manning

Rough Sketch

Final/ Clean up sketch

Final Color Sketch

Step 1: Rough sketch

Step 2: Clean up Sketch

Step 3:  Final draft with color added

Step 4: Final color version with captions

Rough Sketch, Clean up drawing, and Final color version of Natasha Fatale from "The Bullwinkle Show"

Rough Sketch

Clean up sketch

Final color version of "George of the Jungle