by Bro. Brent Manning

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Mrs. Betty Jean Manning
My Momma

Mr. Walter Elias Disney
Cartoonist and Entrepreneur

“And God said to Solomon, Because this was in thine heart, and thou hast not asked riches, wealth, or honour, nor the life of thine enemies, neither yet hast asked long life; but hast asked wisdom and knowledge for thyself, that thou mayest judge my people, over whom I have made thee king:  Wisdom and knowledge is granted unto thee; and I will give thee riches, and wealth, and honour, such as none of the kings have had that have been before thee, neither shall there any after thee have the like.”
2 Chronicles 1: 11 – 12
“It’s okay to march by the beat of your own drum.  Just make sure that you are in step with the music that God wrote for you to march by.”
Bro. Brent Manning
Founder/ President/ Head Cartoonist/ Entrepreneur
Eye Of A Child
“My big brother Roy was already in Los Angeles as a patient in the Veterans Hospital.  When he got out, we had more in common than brotherly love.  Both of us were unemployed… and neither could get a job.  We solved the problem by going into business for ourselves.  We established the first animated cartoon studio in Hollywood.”
Walt Disney
Greetings, Saints! 
     Salvation is individual but freedom is a team effort!    This is Brother Brent.  And we are going to continue dealing with the  subject of Biblical Prosperity and Material Wealth.  But before we begin, I just want to give God praise for allowing this wonderful ministry to exist for 32 Years!  I am just so grateful and humbled by the fact that God chose someone like me to carry out the vision of Eye Of A Child!                   This ministry has gone from a few sketches to a worldwide ministry that is touching the lives of so many people  around the world!   See, God is not impressed by the size of a ministry!  He is not impressed by how much a ministry takes up in finances!  He is not even impressed by the knowledge of the leader of a ministry!  Now, don’t get me wrong, all of that is important and it has its place.  My friends, what impresses God is your faithfulness and your obedience! Last time we left off discussing about Biblical Prosperity has to deal with your heart.  My friend, if you are not experiencing best when it comes to Biblical Prosperity, then the issue could be with your heart.   Or to be specific, it is how you think!
    I can remember that in the early days of  this ministry, how many uninformed religious “church folks” talked about me!  They just couldn’t understand how God was gonna use my love of cartoons and artistic gifts to minister to people around the world.  And I must confess, even I didn’t know how God was going to do it back then.  But deep inside of me, I knew that He was gonna do it!!  Hallelujah!  See, when church folks were focused on how He was gonna do it, I begin to focus on the truth in His Word that it was already done!  Even though I couldn’t see it in the natural realm, I could see it in the spirit!  One of my favorite cartoonists and entrepreneurs is the late Walt Disney.  Now just about everyone around the world knows who Walt Disney is.  I have many books in my personal library that deal with the life of this great man.  When you look at the billion dollar empire of  the Disney Corporation of today, it’s hard to believe that all of this started from the mind and imagination of a little country farm boy from Kansas named Walt Disney.   Many people don’t know that Walt Disney was a born again Christian.  In fact he was named after a family friend who was a minister.  If you watch some of the early Disney cartoons, you will see that many of them have references to the Bible and Biblical principles. Two of my favorite Disney cartoons that have strong Biblical references are “A Night on Bald Mountain” from the movie Fantasia and the short subject cartoon  entitled  “Ben and Me”.   In one of my books about Mr. Disney, I was reading about that when Walt Disney World  in Florida opened a few years after his death, his brother Roy Disney, Sr. was showing a group of V.I.P.’s around this wonderful new amusement park named after his famous brother.  As they were walking around looking at many of the wonderful sights, one of the guests made the comment that how it was such a shame that Walt couldn’t see this.  At that moment Roy Sr. turned to the guest and said “Oh, but Walt did see it.”  See, Roy Sr. knew the secret to the success of the Disney Empire was the fact that Walt saw the vision on the inside long before it manifested on the outside!!  See if Walt never saw the vision on the inside, it would never take place on the outside!!  Even after years of  many successes and failures, Walt Disney never gave up on the God given vision that was inside of  him!!  What if he would have gave up the first time the banks turned him down for a loan to produce his cartoons because the banks thought he was crazy?  What if he would have given up after he had to file bankruptcy?  What if he would have given up after the financial success of Snow White only to be followed by the financial failures of the following movies like Pinnochio and Bambi when they were first released?  Just a little side note here.  Even though, Pinnochio and Bambi didn’t do that well at the box office when they were first released, years later when they were re released at theatres and then sold on videocassettes, DVD’s, and Blue Ray discs, they are attracting a whole new generation of children and adults!  You would be surprised at how many adults have more fun watching Disney cartoons and going to the Disney theme parks than their kids do!!  Hallelujah!   I remember when Dionne and I took my Momma to Disneyland when she came to visit us when we lived in Southern California.  She had more fun than my little brother and my niece who came with us!  I’ll never forget when they had the Lion King Parade that came down Main Street, how when my Momma started dancing with some of the life sized characters, the other adults in the crowd started singing and dancing too!  It was just amazing how my Momma just got this crowd of strangers laughing and dancing and enjoying themselves.  She was like a kid in a candy store!  Needless to say, she didn’t want to leave, she was enjoying herself so much!   By the time we got home, the rest of us were worn out, but Momma was still full of energy and excited about her trip to Disneyland!  Sadly, it wasn’t too long after that trip that I learned that my Mother was dealing with cancer!  Had I known that this was going to be her first and last trip to Disneyland, I would have let her stay there as long as she wanted.  Maybe she didn’t want to tell me at the time because she didn’t want me to worry about her.  But, I am grateful for the joy and fun that she experienced while she was at Disneyland!  For that short moment in time, even though she was dealing with cancer, she was able to forget about the pain she was experiencing in her physical body and enjoy herself.  And she probably never would have experienced that if Walt Disney had given up on his vision and there never was a Disneyland!  Now I said all this to make this point!  You never know whose life you are going to touch.  You never know how you are going to touch someone’s life either!    The Bible clearly tells us to “Despise not the day of small beginnings.”  God has given each of His children, you and I, a vision and a purpose to fulfill in this life!  But like everyting that we receive from God, it is given to us in seed form!  Your vision may seem small,  but when you remain faithful and obedient to God’s Word, in due time your harvest is going to touch the lives of so many people!  How many?  I don’t know!  That’s something that we won’t know for sure until God shows us when we get to Heaven!  Even after you and I are gone on to Glory, our vision should be touching the lives of others!  Look at how many lives have been touched by Walt Disney since his death back in 1966!  Yes, the company went through a rough patch after his death and for years they had to struggle to learn how to function without Walt Disney.  But look at them now!  Disney owns theme parks around the world, the Marvel Comics Empire along with all its blockbuster movies, the popular Star Wars franchise, the ABC Network, Disney Channel,  ESPN, and much, much more!  And it all started with a man with a vision about making cartoons about a mouse in red shorts!  Not bad, wouldn’t you say!  Don’t let nobody talk you out of fulfilling your God given vision!  You have the power to touch and change so many lives if you remain faithful and don’t get distracted!  Well, that’s all we have time for.  We will continue next time teaching on Biblical Prosperity and Material Wealth!  God bless.

In His Service
Bro. Brent Manning ​​

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