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BULLYING IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM IN OUR SCHOOLS TODAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY!  A bully, if not dealt with, can cause a school to lose state and federal funding that could be used to improve athletic and academic programs for that school!  Also, it could lead to legal action taken against the school, the bully, and the family of the bully!  Parents, please talk to your children!  If they let you know that they are being bullied at school, contact the school principal, guidance counselor, or local police or law enforcement agency!    Parents, the following information comes from the WalletHub website.   Please click on the following link for more info,

According to the National Education Association, more than 160,000 children miss school every day out of fear of being bullied. Bullying takes many forms, ranging from the seemingly innocuous name-calling to the more harmful cyberbullying to severe physical violence. 

Besides the physical, emotional and psychological tolls it takes on victims, bullying produces adverse socioeconomic outcomes. The Association for Psychological Science recently found that those who are bullies, victims or both are more likely to experience poverty, academic failure and job termination in their adulthood than those who were neither. In addition, the affected individuals are more likely to commit crime and to abuse drugs and alcohol.