Bro. Brent was born in Monroe, LA on August 19, 1967.  At the early age of three, he developed a love for cartoons.  His favorites were the ones produced by the Hanna-Barbera Studios.  He would watch Scooby Doo, Wacky Races, Banana Splits, and the zillions of other shows that came on every Saturday morning.  Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera became his heroes.  Later on while attending school in Farmerville, LA, some of his teachers discovered that he could draw.  He began to draw all kinds of bulletin boards and banners.  Even then, he knew he would be working someday and somewhere in the cartoon industry.  By the time he was in high school he could draw just about any cartoon character.  Later on, his mother, Mrs. Betty Jean Manning, suggested that he start creating his own cartoons.  

     After graduating from high school in 1985, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force.  On June 7, 1986, Brent Manning was a one stripe airman serving at March Air Force Base in Riverside, California.  It was here that he was about to receive some news that would change his life.  There he was just doodling some sketches to pass the time away.  Along came his supervisor, SSGT Fred C. Eckel, prophesying over him that God was going to use his talent to spread the Gospel and bless other people.  Brent’s response to this startling revelation was “Yeah, sure, right, buddy.  What planet are you from?”  Coming from a traditional church background, Brent didn’t know that God uses such talents in the church.  He thought you had to be a preacher, usher, choir member, or deacon in order for God to use you.  Little did he know that through a simple Word of Prophesy, the seed of the ministry of Eye Of A Child was planted.  Over the years, EOAC has grown from a few sketches to a worldwide ministry that spreads the Gospel over the Internet and books.    In 1986, he started producing a series entitled the “Faithtastic Funnies”.  The Faithtastic Funnies was a comic series made up of 13 different comic strips.  In 2004, he realized that it would be too much to maintain 13 different comic strips.  But he didn’t want to get rid of all the wonderful characters that he created.  So, he combined them into only three comic strips.  They are “Faithtastic Funnies”, “Augie’s Junction”, and “Me and My House”.  “I like to think of my drawings as a sermon in 60 seconds,” according to Bro. Brent.  “I believe you can teach God’s Word in a way where people will enjoy it, get something out of it, and you don’t have to beat them over the head with your message.”  In the future, the ministry is looking to expand  into television, animated movies, music, and amusement parks.

Bro. Brent is married to his lovely and Godly helpmate, Felva Dionne Manning.  They have one son, Israel JeDel Manning.  They currently reside in Marion, Louisiana.