Originally entitled "The Tates", this comic strip was one of the original 13 in the Faithtastic Funnies. When the original 13 were condensed to 3, the series name was changed to "Ain't We Blessed?" Later it was changed again for the 3rd time to it's current title "Me and My House". Me and My House, related materials, all characters are ©1986 and 2014 Eye Of A Child and Brent Manning (owner). All rights reserved. None of this artwork or written publications may be used or reproduced without the written consent of the owner.


Dr. Cornealius "Neal" Tate, Sr. - He is the Chief Surgeon at the local hospital. Brilliant and intelligent man who loves the Lord with all his heart. Despite being raised in poverty, Neal went on to work his way through college to receive 2 degrees and many awards in the medical field. He is not afraid to live as a Christian in front of others. Before going into surgery, Neal will pray with his patients and always lets them know that he is only an "instrument used by God". Devoted family man who loves his wife and kids. You will often find Neal offering Godly wisdom to his family. Neal is easy going and he is loved and respected by his family, friends, neighbors, and co - workers.

Angelica "Angel" Tate - Angel is the loving and devoted wife to Neal. They met while they were in college and it was love at first sight. They totally adore each other. Virtuous and Godly mother to her kids. Angel works from home as an events coordinator and caterer along with her baby sister, Squeaks. Growing up in a middle class family, Angel had to take responsibility of helping her mom raise her baby sister after their dad walked out on them and their older sister became a drug addict and ran away. That is why Angel and Squeaks have such a close bond. As Squeaks often says "Angel is not just my big sister she is my best friend." Angel is always willing to help anyone in need.

Cornealius (C.J.) Tate, Jr. - C.J. is the twin brother of Liza Tate. He is very athletic and adventurous. He is always looking for new challenges that sometimes gets him and Liza into trouble. His personal hero, next to his Dad, is George Washington Carver. Someday, he hopes to be like him. Unfortunately, many of C.J. wacky experiments are closer to that of mad scientist.

Elizabeth "Liza" Tate - Liza is the twin sister of C.J. She is very inquisitive. You will usually find her reading books or outside exploring new things. She is a bit of a tomboy. She loves to ride the family pet dog like a horse when she is pretending to be "The Frisco Kid". Obedient child for the most part but sometimes has to find out things the hard way.

Nesha "Jellybean" Tate - Jellybean, as she is known to her friends and family, is the niece of Angelica. She was adopted by Angelica and Neal when she was young due to her real mom's drug problems. As with most teens, she is a little rebellious at times, but being raised in a Godly home has helped her to deal with this. Sometimes, she and her adopted parents have different views about her choices in boyfriends.

Frisco - Frisco is the Tates' faithful family pet and watchdog. He is also the comic relief. Despite his size, he is a big ol' lovable canine. Very protective of his family especially Liza and C.J.

Penelope “Squeaks” Jordan - Squeaks is Angelica's baby sister who happens to be married to Neal's best childhood friend, Tap. She is called Squeaks due to her tiny voice. When she gets mad, she can turn it up a notch or two as Tap has found out on more than one occasion. Despite all his faults, Squeaks still puts up with his behavior, but on her own terms. They have their differences and constantly argue but deep down they really love each other. Usually when they make up, Tap refers to her as "his little Squeaky - poo."

Herman Theodore “Tap” Jordan is Neal's best friend and brother-in-law. He still has a few vices, but he's working on 'em!

Pastor Hilton Oliver Will is the good natured and kind Pastor of Four Square Community Church of Pigeon Pass He is married to his lovely helpmate, Dee. Pastor Will likes to use humor to diffuse tense situations at the church. He is very humble and sees doing the Lord’s work as fun and not a chore. Their daughter, Debny, is a real fireball and tomboy. Debny is Liza’s classmate and she has a crush on C.J.

Mrs. Delores "Dee" Will, Pastor Will's wife. She is also the Co-Pastor of their church.

Ichabod Bartholomew Branson or "Ibby" as he is known to his friends is Jellybean's on again-off again boyfriend.

Julius the clown works at the same hospital as Dr. Tate. He is assigned to entertain the kids in the Children's Ward of the hospital, he has been known to get into some interesting situations in other parts of the hospital. There's never a dull moment with good ol' Julius around.

Chief Archibald Dunnit (aka Big Blue) is the Chief of Police for the city of Pigeon Pass.

Alethia "Treasure" Dunnit is the wife of Police Chief Dunnit. She also one of the best lawyers in town. Despite being born with Spina Bifida, she hasn't let her disability slow her down. She is a strong advocate for the rights of the Disabled.