by Bro. Brent Manning

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This why I speak in parables: “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.”
Matthew 13: 13
“If you get a blessing without some haters, something is wrong.”
Bro. Brent Manning
Founder/ President/ Head Cartoonist
Eye Of A Child
“Recognize your increase as part of the blessing you are receiving for giving.  Give honor to God for the abundant harvest you are beginning to receive.”
Dr. John Avanzini
Passage from his book entitled “Powerful Principles of Increase”
Greetings, Saints! 
Salvation is individual but freedom is a team effort!    This is Brother Brent.  We‘re are going to continue dealing with the subject of Biblical Prosperity and Material Wealth.   Last time we left off discussing the fact that it takes money to finance the Kingdom of God in the earth realm!  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again!  It takes money to finance the Kingdom of God in the earth realm!  And you and I must have financial seed if we want a financial harvest!  And you must plant your financial seed where God tells you to plant it!  And you must plant it how God tells you to plant it!  So many people are missing their financial harvest from God because they are disobedient to God’s Word in this area!  If you ain’t planting finances in God’ Kingdom, then don’t expect to see a financial harvest from God’s Kingdom.  As we are getting ready to celebrate our 32nd year of ministry this June, I can truly say that not one of my haters or enemies has financially supported this ministry!  Lol  Now, I know that God can use your enemies to finance your ministry if He so desires.  Just look at what He did when the Israelites left Egypt!  He used the wealth of the Egyptian Empire to finance the first church building fund!  Don’t believe me, smarty pants?  Well, tell me where did the Israelites get all the gold that was used in the building of the Tabernacle? This was one of the earliest recorded accounts of the wealth of the wicked being transferred to God’s people!  And that’s great!  But God doesn’t want His people waiting around for a transference of funds from the wicked to finance His Kingdom in the earth realm.  No, He wants His people to already have the wealth so we can use it to spread the Gospel all around the world and be a blessing to others.  You know, it’s funny how people have talked about me and other Ministers over the years when we teach on the subject of Biblical Prosperity and Material Wealth.  As I’ve gotten older and gotten a little more wisdom under my belt, I’ve learned to just ignore people like that!  And when you are in the place that God wants you to be in, you don’t have time for spiritual shenanigans!  For the nearly 32 years that this ministry has been in existence, my God has always provided for us!  We haven’t had to take up an offering in over 20 years!!  And in the 32 years we’ve been around, I have only taken up 3 offerings!  And what was taken up in offering certainly didn’t cover our operating expenses.  As a matter of fact, we gave those three offerings away because God told me too.  Why?  Because He was letting me know that He is my Source and my Provider, not man!  Now, I’m not against tithes and offerings!  The tithe and the offering are two separate things.  Some get this confused and I will be teaching about the difference in tithes and offerings at a later date.  But, one of the points that I stress in this ministry is if you do give, give out of love!  And another point that I stress is don’t send a financial love gift to this ministry if you haven’t taken care of your financial obligations at your local church first!   Pay your tithes at your church or ministry where you are being spiritually fed and give your offerings where God is leading you to give!   See, if you have a heart towards God, giving shouldn’t be a problem for you.  Notice, I said “shouldn’t”.  It’s hard for me to believe that someone can say they love God but they don’t want to give financial seed into the Kingdom of God in the earth realm!  Notice again, that I said “give financial seed into the Kingdom of God in the earth realm”.  The Kingdom of God in the earth realm is anywhere where the presence of God is active!  This could be your local church, a ministry on television, a local shelter that feeds the homeless, a prison ministry, or even a teaching ministry like this.  The list goes and on and on and is definitely too long for me to list here.  I would advise you to seek God and ask Him where He wants you to plant your financial seed!  I can’t tell you that, only God can!  All I will say is make sure you plant it in a place where they are truly doing the work and the ministry of God!
Turn with me to Matthew 13: 1- 23.  This is a familiar story from the Bible about Jesus teaching the Parable of the Sower and the Seed!   One of the things I like about the Word of God is that if truly have a hunger and a desire for Him, he will constantly give you new revelation concerning His Word for your life!  Let’s look at the first part of this Parable where the seed falls along the path and the birds came and ate it up.  Now for years, I must confess that this Parable confused me until God explained it to me.  I can remember my Momma telling us this parable many times to me when I was a child.  And I always wondered why did the farmer or the sower wasted so much seed that it attracted the birds?  It had to be a large amount for the birds to come out because birds are not gonna waste their time just for one or two seeds, are they?  Certainly not!  But if it’s a lot of seed, then you gonna get the attention of Heckle and Jeckle and all their cousins!  If you don’t know who Heckle and Jeckle are, Google it.  Lol  I remember when I was young and we would visit my Great Grandparents, Bob and Linner Woods,  in Jena, Louisiana, one of the things we loved to do was feed their chickens!  I told ya before, I’m still a big ol’ country boy at heart!  Lol  Move over, John Denver!  Lol  Now,  if we threw out one or two seeds, that wouldn’t even get the chickens attention.  But when you threw out a handful of seed, watch out, Brother!!  That’s when the fireworks would begin!  Those chickens would be fighting and scratching each other trying to get to that seed!  Little seed they wouldn’t notice, but a lot of seed got their attention!  Now, go with me to verse 19 when Jesus explains this parable.  For time’s sake, we are going to deal with the first part that deals with the seed falling along the path for the birds!   The Word of God is given to you and I in seed form! In order for it to grow, it must be planted in good ground, our spiritual hearts.  If you don’t have a spiritual understanding of God’s Word, the enemy, satan, comes and snatches that Word from your heart!  That’s why it is important for newborn again Christians to surround themselves with God’s Word.  Find a good church where the Word of God is really being taught and the people are being fed spiritually!  Get you some good spiritual teaching books from your local Christian book store that helps give you a better understanding of God’s Word!  Ask God to show you which books are best for you at this time of your spiritual growth!  This is one of the main points that many church folks miss when it comes to Biblical Prosperity and Material Wealth!!  Biblical Prosperity and Material Wealth are not based on your money or finances.  The foundation of Biblical Prosperity and Material Wealth is based on your heart!  See, when you boil it all down and the rubber meets the road, you will discover that you don’t really have a financial problem when it comes to the Message of Prosperity!  What you really have is a heart problem when it comes to the Message of Prosperity!  This is getting good but I gotta stop for now!  Please go back and read and meditate over these Scriptures that we used today.  God bless.
In His Service
Bro. Brent Manning





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